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September 20th, 2010

Why do you say Merry Christmas?

Many people use the phase Merry Christmas around the Christmas season, but why is this? Merry Christmas is a better way of saying have a great Christmas, or have a happy Christmas. Throughout the holiday season there is definitely no short of the words Merry Christmas. You will probably find yourself using the phrase Merry Christmas yourself. Some people even use lights to spell out Merry Christmas when they are decorating their houses. There are even some lights that already have Merry Christmas spelled out for you. This is a great added touch to your Christmas decorations.

September 10th, 2010

What to look for in a Christmas wreath

Christmas is just right around the corner. There are many, many things that people must do in preparation for Christmas. Whether it is shopping, cooking, or decorating.

Picking out a Christmas wreath is one thing that you should not wait till the last minute to do. The closer we get to Christmas the less likely you are to have a good selection for a Christmas wreath to put on your door. There are a lot of factors that go into selecting a Christmas wreath.