Friday, January 29th, 2010

How was your Christmas in 2008?

How exactly was your Christmas 2008? Was it everything that you thought it would be? Was the food for the Christmas of 2008 great? Did you get to spend the Christmas of 2008 with your friends and family?

I did. My Christmas in the year 2008 was amazing. We had the normal Christmas meal. We had family come from all over to celebrate Christmas 2008, and we had more presents then we knew what to do with. There was only one thing missing from the Christmas of 2008 and that was the pies. Yes the oh so lovely pies that normally come along with the holidays. For Christmas of 2008 my family decided the pies were to much work. This was rather disappointing as the pies are one of my favorite things about Christmas. So instead we had cakes for the Christmas of 2008. Needless to say everyone was disappointed that there was not pie now for Christmas of 2009 there will be a return of the ever so famous pie.

The Christmas of 2008 was a great Christmas, one of the best my family has had in a long time. People that we hadn’t seen in years came and we all got to gather around share stories, catch up, sing songs, and have a wonderful time. The memories I made the Christmas of 2008 will be memories that are sure not to fade anytime in the near future. Looking back on the Christmas of 2008, aside from the pies, I find myself smiling when i think of what a great Christmas we had. I can only hope that this Christmas will be just as great as the Christmas of 2008 was. It can often times seem like we fall into the habit of Christmas but it is important to get out of that habit and fully get to enjoy the season. It only comes around once a year after all, and we should enjoy it to the fullest.

After all is said and done there isn’t much better than good food, family, presents, music, and hot cocoa. Having all of this in Christmas 2008 definitely gave me something to look forward to for the Christmas of 2009. I am already excited to go get the Christmas decorations I plan to get this year to add to the decorations that I used for Christmas 2008. I am also excited to get the tree up and get in the Christmas spirit for a Christmas that I can only hope to be as good as last year.

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