Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Christmas List

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. The bells ring this season bringing upon the joy and happiness to everyone. Workers all over the nation enjoy their Christmas holidays however, the homemakers are left out with tedious work to take care. The Christmas work involves, taking care of purchases, managing time and purchasing presents, writing greeting cards, arranging house for parties, arranging garden parties, arranging the big Christmas dinner meal, welcoming the guests and the list grows on. It takes a lot of time to prepare the list. It takes lot more of effort to manage all of them. Hence, here are few things to be considered in the list and saves a little time for people who have no leisure time to spare.

  • Managing time and purchases by reducing the stress: This is the most important step to consider. One could easily become as tensed trying their best to bring the best. This could be a disaster since many things may go wrong at any time. There could be a great rush or crowd thereby increasing the time of purchase. Hence, it is efficient to reduce the stress and managing time is easy when stress is managed.
  • Writing up greeting cards: Writing greeting cards to distance relatives and friends is important for a homemaker to arrange a get together party. The easiest way to manage this job is to use the help from the kids and make them write the addresses and messages. Another way to simplify the job is to purchase the cards online and providing the address to the companies, so they might send these cards for you and save a great deal of trouble with little cost.
  • Party and decorations: Decorating the house is mandatory for Christmas celebrations. To ensure the house is decorated well, one must spend more time planning and them implementing them. House decorative items should also be purchased and well suited. Choosing the color of items purchased should match with the house, blend exactly making them attractive, and appear appealing. The colors of Christmas are the red and green. Placing a floor mat with
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