Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Photo Edit to Make Creative, Personalized Christmas Cards!

Many people love to send and receive cards and a popular Christmas tradition is sending friends and family photographs so they can see the latest view of you and your family. To make your warm Christmas greetings even more special, why not photo edit to create absolutely unique and beautiful pictures?!

Retouch Existing Photographs to Make Them Perfect

Use photo edit techniques to erase mistakes and bring that so-so shot to the peak of perfection! Remove red-eye, glares, and other photographic imperfections, or touch up bland colours. That great shot you got of the family striking the perfect pose in front of the Christmas tree has something ruining the composition, like some discarded wrapping paper or the family pet’s tail at the side of the shot? No problem! Photo edit until it’s just as you want it!

Send the Best Christmas Cards

After you have that perfect Christmas pose with everyone looking lovely, put in some sparkles and use photo edit tools to add cheerful greetings like

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