Friday, November 12th, 2010

What is Christmas?

To many, Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. To others, Christmas may just be a celebration of the holiday season. Christmas is a fun time for everyone. There is exchange of presents, music, food, laughter, and family. This is a season that most of us look forward to all year long.

With Christmas also comes Santa Clause. Santa Clause is the man that the children believe watches over them all year and can tell whether they have been good or bad. He also brings them gifts for Christmas. In reality however the parents are the ones bringing these gifts from Santa. Most children wait up trying to see Santa on Christmas Eve.

Many times there will be lots of food for Christmas. You may find that you get together with your extended family. Family members like grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and others. There is normally a large gathering in which everyone gets together exchanges gifts, and eats food. This food will probably consist of pies, ham or turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes. This menu may vary on the region in which you live or on the different likes and dislikes of the family.

Christmas is a time of giving. Many people find joy in giving gifts to those they love. Around Christmas the shopping season is at it’s peak. There are people running everywhere trying to do the last minute shopping for the few gifts that they need to get. With Christmas there is even gifts for many of the families that cannot afford to get gifts for their children. There are Christmas programs that will help in providing families that are less fortunate with gifts. This makes the Christmas season all that more special as everyone comes together to insure that this season is happy and special for everyone.

Christmas can also be a trying time, for those, who have lost loved ones. It seems around the Thanksgiving and Christmas season people seem to miss their loved ones the most. This is not unusual as this is a time that many remember having the family around. So for those who have lost a mother, father, or child, this holiday season may be especially trying. Though this season is still enjoyable for many despite this trying time that they may experience. Christmas is a holiday full of love and joy. A holiday that is sure to bring smiles to all.

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