Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

What some different Christmas party games

So it is get closer and closer to Christmas again and you may already be looking into what Christmas party games you want to have at your party this fall.
There is a little something for everybody. There are Christmas party games for kids as well as Christmas party games for adults. Some of the more popular Christmas party games with children are rudolph dash, candy cane pass, and pass the ornament. These are all relay race type games. Here is what you will need and how instructions to play for each of the Christmas party games.

Lets start with rudolph dash. For this you will need Vaseline and red construction paper to cut into circles for the red nose. Now here is how your children would play. Have the children that want to play put vaseline on their nose afterward they then placeone of the red circles on their nose. They will then relay race till a person crosses the finish line with each new child adding their red nose. If the nose falls off they have to go back to add more vaseline and put the nose back on. Next up on the list of Christmas party games is candy cane pass. For this game you will just need one candy cane for each team member. Do not forget to get more candy canes then you have players due to the possibility of breakage.

In order to play you simple divide the children into equal size teams. After that is done each team passes four candy canes between there fingers down the line to each other. The first team to get four candy canes to the end of there line wins.The next in line for kids Christmas party games is pass the ornament. For this which is one of the most popular relay type Christmas party games. For this game you will need a straw for each player and ornaments made for tissue paper. To play this game the children simple inhale through the straws to carry the ornament they then pass it off to the next person until the last person crosses the finish line.

Now last but not least for the adult Christmas party games. You can find different adult Christmas party games and ideas for games either online or in books or magazines. These games can make your Christmas party lots of fun for everyone. There are a ton of Christmas party games to choose from.

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