Thursday, November 26th, 2009

A White Christmas means so much to so many

In many parts of the world there’s no doubt there will be a white Christmas to come; other parts, however, have to put out the totems, do a dance, and sacrifice a lot for a white Christmas. Even people in Australia have reported having white Christmas‘. All Bing Crosby had to do was dream and he received his white Christmas. In pictures, theory, and calendars white Christmas’ are good. For traffic however they wreak havoc. Statistics show, traffic accidents nearly double between dates of December 12-26, verses dates December 1-11.

There are however, many benefits to a white Christmas. Cold weather often related to the white Christmas entices people to stay inside, whether it’s to hide from the dangers outside or to keep from having to bundle up. People often choose to stay inside by a heater or by a fireplace. The warmth from a fire often produces a soothing, more relaxing environment. This soothing environment is a catalyst for smiles and hugs. These types of smiles and hugs are rarely found outside of a warm house during a white Christmas. Yet, I haven’t begun to talk about the beauty and magnificence of the snow associated with a white Christmas. The giant snow blanket is one of nature

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