Monday, September 20th, 2010

Why do you say Merry Christmas?

Many people use the phase Merry Christmas around the Christmas season, but why is this? Merry Christmas is a better way of saying have a great Christmas, or have a happy Christmas. Throughout the holiday season there is definitely no short of the words Merry Christmas. You will probably find yourself using the phrase Merry Christmas yourself. Some people even use lights to spell out Merry Christmas when they are decorating their houses. There are even some lights that already have Merry Christmas spelled out for you. This is a great added touch to your Christmas decorations.

Most Christmas cards also say Merry Christmas somewhere in them. Many times if they don’t you will even find yourself writing Merry Christmas into the card. This a phrase that over time everyone has started to use. During the holiday season it almost seems as though saying Merry Christmas is a habit. Though this certainly should not be the case. Merry Christmas should be used as a friendly and thoughtful phrase not just something that you have become accustomed to using.

Merry Christmas is a nice way of wishing others to have a wonderful Christmas. You will probably find that though you may say Merry Christmas though out the holiday season, you use this phrase the most on Christmas day itself. If you make phone calls or see friends or family many times when you see or talk to someone these are the first words that come out of your mouth.

So you should definitely enjoy the Christmas season. Enjoy the presents, family, food, lights, decorations, and more. Be sure though that in the middle of enjoying all these different things you don’t forget that taking a few extra minutes to say Merry Christmas may make someone

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